Wednesday, March 5, 2008

AShton is 4!!

Ashton turned 4 today!! He had some simple requests for his birthday, which hopefully we met all the expectations. He really wanted an evening birthday party with pizza , games, and an Optimus Prime cake ("the good guy cake"). For his gift he wanted a Thomas Take a long Tote. He has really met some milestones just recently. He loves rountine. He also had preschool today, so he was the line leader along with bringing birthday treats for his classmates. Birthday treats were rice krispies made by Dad.
He invitied 5 boys to his party. I think the had a blast. They were full of energy!! He also had many phone calls!! And some adult visitors of which he loved: Grandpa and Grandma Barnhard, Corey and Kris. Thanks for making Ashton's day so special by remembering him--it meant a lot!!
Right now he is past out in his bed with a transformer and the Thomas Tote

Congrats on turning 4 Ashton and we wish you many, many more!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

its been awhile...

i'm back...
Well, let's see alot has happened since I last wrote. David's mom got married in MT in December at their home to Bill and we spent a week out there skiing and getting sick:-) and got to bring out our nephew Ryu. It was a long time since we had the immediate Jane' gang there.

Breanna is awesome. She is wokring on a report for school and diarama about a red fox. She is such a hard worker!! She lost her right central incisor (#e) on Saturday while I was at work and Dad help get it out!! Tooth fairy came and left $2 for the third tooth lost so far. But she has like 5 more loose ones. she is going to be doing spring soccer and possibly softball in the summer. She does want to go to camp this summer too. So we will see!!!

Ashton had his Valentine's party at preschool today. He was so excited to eat all the candy and look at what his friends had made him..Breanna helped with reading it to him. Ashton lately if he naps or falls asleep, he will do it in the lazy boy with a big pillow and a quilt it is really precious.

Today they both got to see their cousin Caden James Averett at the hospital. They thought he was so cute and small. He has an amazing little cry. He was born three weeks early according to my sisters due date. He sure is precious. I am so excited to be an aunt for the first time...I am going to spoil him.

Riley is really starting to act like such a big boy. He likes to sit in a bi chair at the table and he gets himself up there all by himself. He tends to like to stand up and you tell him to sit down and he listens. He likes his bob baa--his milk in a sippy cup. He really thinks he is big and tries to keep up with the older two. He really does a great job. Riley will be 16 months tomorrow.

David is very busy with work right now. So we are considering a babysitter for two days a week, to be with kids here while he works. We are taking applications now and see what happens.

i'll try to write more later.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Photo session

We did it!! We are somewhat organized and got the kiddos picture for Christmas taken by this awesome photographer---He has great rates and works on Sundays!!;-) We just need to have them printed. so here is the photo is very difficult to get everyone looking at the camera and then smiling and not crying!!!
This really bought back memories when I had my picture taken for Christmas by my folks. I look back and laugh at it all, but at the time was very impatient and mean older sister. And remember this was the time of no digital cameras. Oh, what a blessed time!!

check out photos here:

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Breanna and Ashton

Breanna has been busy painting and redecorating her room. It is quite the place and very cozy place to hang out!! I think she is very proud of her work! we are still doing finishing touches, but for the most part we are completed

Breanna is enjoying second grade. She is a great student. She is involved in soccer, girl scouts, Anomlie, ( and keeping up on her school work as well. She has a fifties performance coming up which she is very excited about. She has been practicing her songs and has a part to memorize too.
The boys really miss Breanna when she is at school. Ashton and Breanna really play for the most part very well together, they are really good at using their imaginations. As you look at the hiking picture, this is one of their favorite snacks--chocolate chip rice cake!! Oh they are growing up to fast--so cute!! Buds Forever!!

That's my Ashton (notice super man backpack--
which is bigger than him)

Ashton is doing preschool Wednesday and Fridays. And is having a lot of fun!! He still enjoys going to the Y. But lately he has been under the weather. We miss his spunk. But he doesn't want to miss a beat. As you can see he loves his rain boots!! We get many comments on them--this was a purchase we made a STP- in Wyoming.

Riley's pasttimes

I am sorry I have not written for awhile. Riley has many things he likes to do. He loves to read books, brush his teeth, play in cupboards, and he is taking some steps. He would like to just take off running. This little man is very happy and content doing his own things. He really likes to be a big boy, climbing up on the step stool. He is watching his older siblings for sure!!

He has figure out how to rock himself in the rocking chair, It is really cute when he is reading a book!
He can make a few words--What a cutie!!
And doing what he does best smiling and making the rest of the family smile too!!

Riley is 1!!!

Well, my baby is 1!!! I have mixed emotions about him turning one! But is was a great day. It was very busy--but he had a blast. Including yesterday we went to Nebraska City for our annual apple fix. We got pumpkins from their pumpkin patch, did the corn maze, picked up our Blue spruce true that we hopefully will plant soon. The kids enjoyed the Tree adventure, which I am glad we did, they added some more exhibits and we considered getting an annual family membership, but maybe next year.

Well, as you can see Riley had no problems as to what he was suppose to do with the cake!! He was a natural! I am so glad he enjoyed it. He would make a Humm/Yumm noise along with some of the bites he took, It was so cute.

As you can see we have quite the artist --He did a fine job. I think we are going to crop his highchair tray and put the artwork on canvas--Nice job Riley!! You sweet little thing!

check out the video here

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Riley's 9 month Well baby Check

well Riley seems to be growing wonderfully!!
Here's Riley's stats:
Height 30 inches (90%)
Weight 21 pounds 14 oz (75%)
Head 17inches
My mom had my 8 month measurements---weight 21 # 10oz
height 28 1/2"
So as you can see Riley has possibly inherited the Barnhard length traits--
Riley has been really chewing on apples, finger foods, I can't help but think some primary teeth are trying to erupt- we will see, Oh, i need to take more toothless grin pictures!!!